Chicago again …

I just got back from my Yearly trip to the windy city,  I was only there a few days, but I was very busy the whole time.  After arriving on Thursday afternoon I took the L downtown to my hotel then rested until Dinner.  I walked over to David Burke’s Primehouse.  For Dinner I started with bacon sticks which were extremely thick chunks of bacon which were smoked and served with maple and black pepper.  They had a very intense flavor that stayed with me even for the rest of the meal.  I had a classic caesar salad prepared fresh table side which was extremely delicious.  For my main course I went with a 35 day dry aged bone-in strip steak.  the stake was very good, although could have been trimmed better for my liking, and been a bit larger.  I ended the meal with a roasted banana split sunday with some delicious salted caramel and chocolate ice cream which they mixed on a Himalayan salt slab.  This was my second time dining at Primehouse, and while I do really like it I think I am going to try another steakhouse next time I’m in Chicago.

Friday was a fun day.  I walked around a bit near the Chicago river in the morning then stopped by the billy goat tavern for a double double before catching the L and walking to grant park for Lollapalooza day 1.  I spent the rest of the day watching and listening to many different bands.  My favorite was A Perfect Circle.  I enjoyed a band called the vaccines too.  I watched The Muse play a few songs then walked over to watch most of Cold play’s set.  I was exhausted by the end of the day.  I grabbed some BBQ from The weber grill restaurant in my hotel and went to sleep.

Saturday I was joined by Karen and Nathan.  After talking for a bit Karen took her children to the Museum while Nathan and I went to Wrigly field and watched the Cubs win their 7th in a row by beating the Reds 11-4.  Karen and Nathan left after the game and I went to the theater district and walked around for a bit and picked up some garretts popcorn to bring home.  I had dinner at Maggiano’s which was great as always.

Sunday I came back home.  It was really pouring as I left the Hotel so I got very wet walking to the train stop.  Nothing really eventfull on the trip home.  When I arived in Laramie I went over the my parents house to visit My brother Joshua and his kids who are in town for vacation, and we all shred in some good popcorn.

I’m already looking forward to next years trip to Chicago.

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  1. when I hear you talk about lollapalooza it makes me feel old 🙂 I can't remember the last time I went to a concert! Plus I remember when lollapalooza started. heh heh

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