Remember when I posted on my Blog?

Well I let 16 month go by without posting anything.  There are lots of things to give updates about, but I may only cover a few of them.

CUBS WIN THE WORLD SERIES!!! It finally happened – and I got to watch it.  I flew to Chicago to attend Game 3 of the World Series at Wrigley Field.  The cubs lost that particular game, but it was so awesome to be there.

 I have posted photos of the trip in the photo gallery.

Wyoming is playing for a MWC Football championship on Saturday in Laramie.  It has been a long time since Wyoming won a championship in football.  I’ll be there cheering and hoping they win.

On a more personal note I have finally dropped below 300 pounds.  I am down 125 pounds since May, and my diabetes is gone (Thanks to my endocrinologist for pushing me to get gastric bypass surgery for my diabetes).

Lastly I upgraded the blog layout to the new Squarespace 7 standard.  I hope it works out, and I hope I start posting more regularly here.