I Survived a Horror Movie Moment

Over the last year I acquired an Amazon echo for my living room, an echo dot for my bedroom, and numerous smart lights, switches, outlets, etc.  I use them regularly to play music and turn lights on and off.  I am also a fan of horror movies.  

Last night as I was in my bedroom getting ready for bed I started hearing sounds coming from downstairs.  My first thoughts were hey what is that – immediately followed by the idea that in horror movies you shouldn’t go investigate strange sounds downstairs when you live alone.

Despite knowing better I went to investigate and discovered that my Amazon echo had starting playing a song on its own.  There is no way it could have misheard me as the echo dot in my bedroom would pick up and sounds I make and not the echo downstairs.  The song it played was “First Time” by Teenage Bottlerocket.  I had listened to that song around 7:30 am on that device. Why Alexa decided to play it on her own at 10:30 pm I’ll never know, but thankfully despite investigating a strange noise while alone in my house I survived to tell the tale.